Friday, June 23, 2006

I know. I know! I owe you all lots of pictures. This is why I do not make a very good pen pal. I get a little delayed in sending out a letter, and then my standards go up for the letter since it has to make up for the lost time, but I still don’t have any more time than I did before to write so it goes on and on and on until it has to be War and Peace, and that has only been written one time. I'm not likely to do it again.

But I do bring news from the Land of the Standing. Seriously. Of pulling up by one’s baby self. This is astonishing because he’s really not capable of this. I don’t mean this in a “oh no my widdle baby is growing up!” sort of way. I’m perfectly happy for him to grow up and be all cute and sibling-y with his sister. What I mean is that his muscles don’t seem to be able to handle it, yet he does it anyway. It’s the same with crawling. Whenever he crawls, he weeble wobbles the whole time, and lurches and keels until he finally flattens out, yet he persists and crawls all the live long day. He wants it all so badly that even the laws of gravity will not deter him.

I know! It's nutso. Posted by Picasa

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Why did the camera think I wanted to focus on the chair? Can't it see the cute baby right in front of it? Posted by Picasa

Screw you, Gravity. I'm standin' and that's all there is to it. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006


Simon just crawled! In his crib, so he had the footboard to use as a launching off place, so who knows when he'll crawl forward again (he's been going backwards for a week or so now), but whoa! I had just decided it probably wouldn't happen for a while, since though he is very strong, he's not especially coordinated. Way to show me, little Baryshnikov.

I have a whole big post queued up, with six month pictures and all, but I can't believe Simon crawled! Go Simon. He's going to love mobility. It's just his thing.