Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Simon has some sort of feverish plague, sucking the life out of all of us, so this will mostly be photos with captions.

The Easter Bunny brought (among other things) these little umbrellas filled with jelly beans. So the kids were using them like real umbrellas, and now use them as parasols for their dolls. Hee.

Mat tried so hard to get a picture of the two of them smiling while holding hands. This is about the best we got. That stuff on their faces, by the way, is face paint- a fairy for Claire Helen, a flower for Simon- from an egg hunt a local artsy fairy kid place hosted Easter morning. They had to go from room to room talking to forest fairies getting clues to find the eggs. Cute.

Just a random very Claire Helen picture from earlier this month. Drawing a parrot, I think. She's a very desk oriented person, and likes to hang out drawing there for a good portion of the day.
You're not going to take my soccer ball or anything, right?

Dying Easter eggs- I think we had about a 50% ratio of original eggs to final product. Simon was very serious about the whole project, as you can see.
We had our big ultrasound last week, and brought the kids along. Everything looks good! I think Claire Helen really enjoyed it. Her preschool class has been deep into human anatomy the last month or so, so seeing the ventricles of the heart up on the big screen (they have a big screen TV for parents to watch the ultrasound on. Fancy.) was a thrill for her. Simon was hours past due for a nap, so spent about half the time announcing (in a very quiet, gentlemanlike way, I should say) "I don't YIKE dat baby. Dat baby is not nice." Yeah, well, wait till dat baby kicks you out of your room, kiddo.