Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Every year we go to this neighborhood thing 3 blocks from here- I call it a block party, but that really underestimates the scope of the thing. I should post the schedule, dudes, because it is jam packed. They kick off at 9 am with a kiddie parade led by the fire truck from the fire station at the end of the block. Then there's hat making, a pinewood derby, sidewalk chalk art, potluck breakfast, today there were covered wagon rides(a sheet over some chicken wire on a regulation Red Flyer- very clever!), a wiffle ball tournament, gutter boat races, ice cream making, and that barely gets us to noon. We are right this second missing a potluck awards dinner (all the kids who participate in the parade get an award- Claire Helen was "best tap dancer," and Simon was "most patriotic super hero.") and a SQUARE DANCE. A square dance. 3 blocks from my house, in the middle of urban Seattle. But a body can only take so much celebrating, and we are going to fireworks tonight at 10. We need our rest.

Some years they let the kids ride the fire engine- it seems to be mainly the whim of the guys on call which determines how many kids and where. This year they let them swarm.

Can you find Simon?

That's right, he's in the CAB!

Claire Helen's yoga teacher from preschool was kind enough to sit with him (a bit intimidating, just you and the firefighter alone up there, no?), and he took his parade waving duties quite seriously.

Claire Helen decided to walk with her friends instead of getting caught up in the fire engine mob scene.

There was plenty to see- two Statues of Liberty, whoa.

Good parade!

I just love this guy. Some of the old timers go all out for this thing. A tri cornered hat! The best part is he wasn't the only guy in period costume, nor was that the only thirteen colonies flag flying. We live in Mayberry.

After the parade they let all the kids crawl all over the truck, until they had to go to an actual fire. Very exciting, and frankly good timing because the kids weren't exactly being delicate with the machinery.
They set out this crinkly paper that somehow makes excellent hats when you fold it over a bucket. I don't know. Crafts are not my strong suit. But the kids love it.

Home again home again.

On one of the hot days last weekend we went to a carnival the museum about a mile from us put on- a bunch of old fashioned toys, sack races, bubble stands, that sort of thing. Simon still loves bubbles.

Claire Helen had just gotten a check for ten dollars for her birthday from her great grandmother. After putting 5 in savings, she got 5 dollars to spend however she wished. So far she's spent the one dollar on a popsicle, and keeps the rest VERY SAFELY HIDDEN in that wallet, which she checks forty times a day, and for at least a week would not let out of her sight.

Yeah, nobody liked the mural as much as I did.

They DID, however, like the salmon boat exhibit. Fish!
Next up is Claire Helen's birthday (Sunday, at long last, Sunday. She has been planning this shindig since last October. Somehow I've gotten roped into making a strawberry cake, which is to actually resemble a strawberry. Uh, we'll see.), and then a grandparent visit. After that we coast on in to Nana coming and the baby, in just over a month. Good thing, too, because Miss Fetus and I need to have us some words about the whole rib kicking business. Enough, baby.