Monday, November 28, 2005

Still No Baby

Claire Helen is still an only child. People are so surprised to see me still pregnant. Every time I see a friend, they say "Oh my! You're still pregnant!" My OB, a man who presumably has seen his fair share of pregnant women, is surprised to see me still pregnant.

But not me! I remember last time, and the seemingly interminable wait. All the false signs, and the "I've never seen a woman threaten premature labor at 31 weeks and then deliver late" and then the (extremely, if you ask me)late delivering. Figgy is hanging out very low, which is apparently an Important Sign in a woman who has given birth before, but Figgy could care less. Figgy likes his womb. He would probably stay in there until January if people would just stop poking him. Figgy is not welcome to do so, but he would.

Lucky for us we have way too much going on to notice that we are waiting for the baby. We close on the house this week, and if the contractors would call me back, work would be arranged through most of December. I have started mentioning that I am "forty weeks pregnant, so the sooner you can get back to me, the better, probably." Do we think this is unethical? I am not concerned. So long as it gets me subway tile in my bathroom.

It is also the Christmas season, and Claire Helen is old enough to get excited about it! She is not old enough to anticipate things weeks in advance, or get the concept that there will be presents in a few weeks brought to her by a flying elf (but who is, really?), but she can definitely catch on to my enthusiasm when I bound around the house singing Christmas Carols and run up and down the aisles at the Christmas tree farm looking for the perfect tree. We found it, and it is mostly decorated, but we want to include Claire Helen in all the decorating, and she only has about a 15 minute attention span for ornaments, as they are apparently defective toys you aren't allowed to pull off their homes on the tree you can't touch. But she does like to tell us where to put them.

Despite all that's going on it feels very placid around here, or at least very calm before the storm. We're so excited to meet our son! I wish he'd come out.

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