Saturday, December 10, 2005

As you can probably tell, Simon Alexander Harrington joined our family just before lunch on Monday. Labor and delivery went infinitely smoother than I thought was possible, and recovery has in fact been so easy that I went out on my own today, just because I was itching to get out a bit. I think the whole family is even going to venture out to a holiday party tomorrow.

Simon (Si-Si to his big sister. He already has a nickname!) is a teeny little wonder. He has fuzzy blonde hair and full lips we can't quite place. When he cries he sounds like a puppy, though he does not cry very much (HOORAY!). Like his sister, it's really just when he's hungry or we assault him with a cold washcloth. Mr. Baby has also been extremely generous with the sleeping, giving us one solid chunk of 4 hours each night. Go Mr.Baby. He has extremely long fingers and toes, and didn't fit into the newborn size socks even on day one. I think he may be tall...

I cannot tell you much about his likes and dislikes, as his most favorite thing is sleeping, like most 5 day olds. The little bit we do get to see of his eyes, though, they are often trained on his big sister. The adoration is completely shared, though her expression of love needs a little bit of fine tuning as theya re a bit exuberant. First thing in the morning before she greets anybody else, she has to give "Si-Si" a kiss, and will not let 15 minutes go by during the day without kissing his head. It's very soft- I can certainly understand the impulse. When she hears him start to cry she will start bringing us objects she thinks he might like- a diaper, a hat, maybe a stuffed animal or two, until I can direct him to the boob and calm the storm.

We have also started work on the new house, so if we sound calm, it is pretty much only because my mom is here, feeding us and keeping our clothing relatively clean. My dad has also come up to help oversee work on the house, which is good because Mat and I are obviously otherwise occupied.

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