Thursday, April 20, 2006

We have moved Claire Helen from a high chair to little kid table, and let her use regular cups instead of sippies now, so there is a lot more food spillage in our lives. She gets extremely angry when Betty comes sniffing around her table, screaming "No! No! Mise! MIIIIIIIIISE!" as Betty licks up the spilled milk or discarded raisins that take up the two foot radius around Claire Helen's chair.

Just now, Simon and Claire Helen were playing on the rug with his octopus, and Betty came sniffing around, checking out Simon's head (it is pretty cute), which apparently triggered the toddler possession alarm. "No! No! Mise! Mise Si Si! Mise Si Si!"

Just so we're clear, Simon = Claire Helen's discarded dinner. Awww.

Pictures soon.

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