Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to Simon!

Hello everybody! It's been a little while, but as of today, there are no babies in the house. All toddlers. Simon woke up this morning quite cheerfully at 6 am, I think making sure he didn't miss a second of his special day. This morning we are having a little impromptu baby party, and tonight we are making a dinner with his favorite foods- bananas and cream cheese. An epicurean dream, I am sure.

Simon is still the very happy, enthusiastic guy he was starting around 7 weeks, and he brings such a great energy to our little family. Every single thing he does he is convinced is going to be the best time ever, and every time he spies a familiar person, he lights up and starts to bounce as though he just can't physically contain his joy. He worships his sister, and is thrilled beyond words(good thing as he only has about a dozen) when she deigns to allow him to play with her, and is basically nonplussed when she is not in a sharing mood (unless she has a big red ball or the hippo walker).

He is still only walking 70% of the time. He has been walking some percentage of the time for the last 3 months, and internet, bad, impatient mother that I am, it is driving me crazy. It is cold and wet here in Seattle, and I have 57 pounds of small child to cart places. It's so much better if either one of them can be put down at times. With him only walking barely most of the time, if I put him down in a new place, like on a sidewalk, he drops down to crawl. And gets his pants wet and slimy, so he's cold which he haaaaaates, and it's a bad scene all around. Not least because he is so skinny that his pants fall off him constantly when he crawls. Between the potty trained exhibitionist and the boy-with-no-waist, we rarely have a pant filled afternoon. Who needs pants? Pants are for plebeians.

I would love to share pictures with you all of Thanksgiving and of Claire Helen putting the very first ornament on the tree, but blogger seems to have changed something about pictures, and I am not good with change. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.


Alexandra said...

Happy birthday to your big boy! Wishing you a great year ahead! -Biogirl

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Birthday Simon!