Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Simon is at the age when, at home, he only wants to be picked up, and out in the world, he only wants to walk by himself(he walks a little like a marionette, with the top half of his body mostly still, and his hips swivelling out to the sides to hopefully kick his legs forward a little. Not the most efficient mode of transport ever.). What's wrong with the floors at our house, little Si? Lucky for him he's so cute when wandering the sidewalks of Seattle. He walks a few steps, then looks back and say "HA ha!" just like Johnny Carson when a guest made an off color joke. Ooooh, pretty risky there, being 5 steps away from mama.

Claire Helen would like to know where snow lives, what fish use for pillows, why paint sticks to other paint, and what mad eats. I would like to know where I can find an extra hour in the day, so I can more regularly update this blog, and maybe put some pictures on it.

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