Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hello! I wrote an entry the other day, but didn't post it because it was just too grumpy. We've been sick, and there isn't a whole lot of lite 'n cute that goes on when we are all sick. But! We are getting better now, enough that the six hours we spent at the park yesterday appears to have no ill effects other than mild sunburn on my part. Oh well, it's Seattle, I'm sure the sun won't reappear for another 6 months, and I'll have time to heal.

Making hot chocolate after a good afternoon digging in our backyard, and SOMEONE about 3 feet tall was caught transferring hot chocolate mix from my cup to hers. Not a very good poker face there. Her diversionary tactic, other than squinting, was to order me to hop like a frog. CIA here she comes.

Today we got Betty a new bed, and everybody tried it out. It's purple, and matches the purple Original Art in Marker and Wall we have all over the living room right now. They are so fast when they get ahold of nonwashable markers.

Little mister language spurt. Today I taught him to hold up 1 finger when asked how old he is, which I expect to accomplish exactly nothing since neither of them answer questions in public. Yesterday, however, he put two words together on two separate occasions. 1) "Cat up!" which translates to "Cat please come down here!" as "up!" means both up and down in Simonese, and 2) "Mama no!" (pronounced Meme naynay) when said mama plucked him off a 6 foot ledge he was enjoying leaning off precariously.

Claire Helen, indignant at bedtime one night, demanded to sleep on Betty's bed. So she did, and I took pictures to frame and show off to all her edgy, sophisticated college friends. I think she thinks she won.

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