Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely father's day. We had a nice visit from my folks (our garden certainly looks a lot better for it), though the kids did go through a little bit of attention detox the morning they left. I believe Claire Helen thought they were going to live here now, and was very disappointed to learn that 2 adult's full attention at all times as well as cake and juice breakfasts were not now going to be par for the course. They also brought their camera, and I am thrilled to share some pictures with you all! Isn't Claire Helen huge? All the sudden she is so tall.

I am, ah, just lookin' at this cake. Just, you know, watching it. Nevermind me.

Ack! Kids are up. I will post more substantively again soon. For now, it is good grandparent reinforcements are coming soon, as it a lack of cake snack turns out to be wildly disappointing.

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