Friday, October 12, 2007

Just dropping off some braids photos from the afternoon. Claire Helen all the sudden loves them, and wants them in her hair all the time. Simon does not get to show up in this post as he is sleeping; good thing as it's so hard to explain to him why he, too, can't have braids. Or even a sparkly purple clip, poor poppet.

He is, however, completely potty trained, and getting into Big Boy Speaking mode. Example (scintillating) conversation from our car ride this morning:

Si: I see a bus!
Me: I see a bus, too.
Si: WE see a bus! Daddy rides a bus. I ride a bike.
Me: You rode a bike yesterday, with Jack.
Si: WE see a bus!

Scintillating, like I said, but the cute part is it's like he only knows one way to intone a word. So "We see a bus! Daddy rides a bus." sounds more like "WE see! A bus. DADDY! rides. A bus." like those old timey automated customer service phone menus before they had digital voices. Please push! one? for an operator.

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