Sunday, August 31, 2008

We have a sleeper!
Let us all commence the Serbian Trumpet Dance of Joy. They have one, you know. And a whole festival devoted to trumpets. It's on Youtube. It's Simon's favorite show.
Penny sleeps! I've never experienced having a newborn around who sleeps. Gee, they are cute when you are not hallucinating bugs crawling on your skin from the sleep deprivation. I doubt it will last, but for now it's made the transition from 2 to 3 so much smoother than I could have imagined. I was thinking it would be pretty easy, too, so that's saying something. But sleep and the fact that the age gap is so much bigger means that despite
1) Simon flooding the upstairs bathroom the night we got home from the hospital, raining water and plaster down on the downstairs bathroom and ruining the upstairs one(Oh well, we meant to remodel that one anyway)
2) Mat getting a stomach virus 5 days in
3) Claire Helen getting that same stomach virus 3 days later
4) a not super fast physical recovery
5) Penny having trouble with the whole weight gain concept
6) Mat returning to work instantaneously
this is still a whole heck of a lot easier than the transition from 1 to 2. Hour to hour I'd say it's at least easier than when I was pregnant and we were a man down, and quite a bit more fun for me personally. Yay! I remember Simon as an infant very fondly, but I do not remember that time period with a lot of fondness.

Penny, doing what she does best. She also smiles and laughs in her sleep, and looks about somewhat skeptically when awake. She is transfixed by the slats on our bed and the baby on the side of the wipes box, whenever either of those are in view. She doesn't really cry, so far. We were at a thrift store looking for school supplies yesterday, and she let out a yell while Mat was holding her. I had to look around and ask if that was ours, because I don't really recognize that sound coming from her.

Looks just like Claire Helen, only blonde. Well, blonde shortly after a bath. A few days later I tend to second guess myself, but then we bathe her again, and under the preschooler-head-touching-grime the hair is, indeed blonde.

Oh, it's so tiring being a baby model.

Also, we have other children.

Donut shop run after our first successful venture out (the pediatrician's office).
At the donut shop, Penny...slept.

We like Penny!
Preschool starts up again next week. Claire Helen is just really excited to get back to her friends and the fun stuff they do there. Simon is maybe a little more nervous; let's all wish him luck.

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