Sunday, September 14, 2008

Penny is one month!

And one day, but yesterday we were hiking and barbecuing, so she'll excuse our lateness.

She was not into the whole baby model thing, so these aren't especially good pictures.

Even pissed off she's pretty cute, though, right?
At one month she is very mellow (though starting to get a little bit of a witching hour at night- gearing up for the 6 week fussies), eats well, sleeps well. Can smile at you, but does not bestow that honor on just anyone for any old thing. Another Skeptical Harrington Baby.

We have more grandparents coming in tomorrow, and we mean to try to get her to meet the extended Seattle cousins, maybe this weekend, but we sort of forgot to mention that to any of them. Are any of you reading? Up for pizza this weekend?


Annika said...

You made another beautiful baby! she is adorable! enjoy your time with mom and dad!
we love you.
annika, jedd, mara and sonna

Kristin Jag said...

We can have pizza, oh wait, this was last month! :) Hope you are well and wondered if you were still thinking about coming out for Halloween? Would be fun! I am also sending an invite for Ella's bday party if you feel the urge to boat over again.