Saturday, October 25, 2008

Simon and I were walking around in the mall yesterday getting a birthday present for cousin Ella, when we came across some Halloween costumes on super deep discount. Who on earth would wait until this late to think of Halloween costumes?

Me! My craftier friends have been felting and feathering for weeks now, but we are not a crafty people. We do, however, know a bargain when we see it.

Penny is going as: another mouth to feed at the start of a global financial crisis! Booga booga! Scary!

I think they like them, yes?

Penny had apples on her pants, so the kids think she is "Apple," an overly self consciously named celebrity baby. She does not think that is very funny.

Land shark!

I love these next two pictures of Claire Helen:

Simon was instructed to "show us your tough shark face." Ooooh! Scary!

We went to a Halloween party at the community center, and I felt bad about the dearth of Penny pictures.

Unfortunately I felt bad about it under fluorescent lights. She's not really green. Sorry kiddo.

The party was manned by college students, and I think the college students came up with the games. One of the stations was "manicure."

If Claire Helen gets her nails painted, Simon gets his nails painted. Pink, to match his crocs. My son has now had one more manicure than his mother has in her entire life.

The end.

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