Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I think this audience might appreciate this sort of link:

For babies, toddlers, and little kids who need glasses. Our Simon needs glasses, and his pretty princess perfect vision mother has no idea where to find him some good frames. This is a good starting point, though!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the link, and good luck with glasses for your son!

- Ann Z, from Little Four Eyes (As a librarian, I love me a good book review site! BTW, if you ever want to write some reviews of books about glasses, drop me a line!)

Beanlet said...

I love your site! It was a great help on a stressful day. Thanks for keeping it together. This week I've definitely been more interested in books with characters who wear glasses.

Simon wants Harry Potter ones, which reminds me of my desire for Harriet the Spy ones when I was a kid (I didn't need them, though, so alas, never got my wish).