Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For the love of a good system

It is summer time, which for us means bi or even tri-weekly library trips to stock up for those long lazy afternoons. It also has meant a couple eye-popping fines as I not too adeptly try to manage everyone's library bounty. I am pretty sure I know why:

This is our library system. I call it "Hey, don't take that book out of the living room!" I have tried a few things. Claire Helen has her very own Seattle Public Library bag (Chanel for the bookish set), which, completely unforseeably, she takes the books she gets OUT of, at which point they disappear into the melee. Simon has three supposed locales for books- a shelf, a nightstand, and the top of his dresser, and that is apparently enough confusion that everywhere becomes an acceptable book receptacle, and thus nowhere is. Penelope is a whirling dervish, so I don't even need to go into that.

I wonder if this is the sort of problem that could be solved with baskets. I seem to have solved the Plague of the Pre Soccer Shinguard Search with baskets, perhaps library books are calling out for the same treatment. And then my house will be completely filled with baskets, and if you walk in you might mistake it for a romantic Moroccan market. Only with, you know, slightly sweaty size youth medium soccer jerseys everywhere.

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