Thursday, April 05, 2007

Camera still haywire

I walked into the playroom a minute ago to find 17 stuffed animals on 17 dishtowels having, apparently, their first "yoga lesson," taught by Claire Helen, yoga instructor, extraordinaire. After leaving to get her brother out of his crib, I came back to find the stuffed animals replaced by bunnies and bunny like objects, for participation in a specialized, Easter Bunny yoga class.

This morning we went downtown to drop Mat off at work, and stayed for a little adventure and the Central Library storytime. It was all relatively smooth, except that Simon is completely fixated on escalators, desiring apparently to hurl himself off the top of them at full speed or stick his fingers in the moving parts. I am beginning to think downtown is made only of escalators. Poor little guy. He was like a diabetic in a candy store, so forlorn and lonely for his deadly escalator play.

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Alexandra said...

I love the image of Claire holding a yoga classes - wonderful! -Biogirl