Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not getting through...

Claire Helen: Can I have the monkey plate?
Mama: I don't know. Simon gets to pick first because you took away the doll stroller*, and that made him sad.
CH: Otay. Simon, can you pick not-the-monkey-plate?

* When Simon is in the same room as the doll stroller, all the other toys disappear, and it is just he and his muse. Sometimes he likes to just stand with it, holding onto both handles, revelling in the power that is the stroller. No one else is allowed to touch it, or heaven forbid PUT anything in it. He just wants to push it around. There is something about this age and doll strollers. Claire Helen's first, and luckily so far only, flailing on the ground flat out in the parking lot tantrum was inspired by this very same doll stroller at right around this age, when I had the audacity to *touch* it to keep it from rolling into oncoming traffic as we took it from the toy store to the car.

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